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Certifications for All Working & Non-Working Professionals !
Add Certifications to your resume and open avenues to promotion and better jobs !
If you are looking to convert your previous work by Regular Certification Programme by means of Off-Campus Centers into accredited University Certification Programme , SS Internationalprovides you the ideal opportunity to do so. Regardless of your age, sex , marital status , or location you can receive an accredited certification in your desired field . All you need is sufficient work , life , or Military Experience or classroom education and you can be on your way to a degree in your relevant field.After Appearing online / off campas examination thus saving your time and money.
Without Attending Regular Classes by Regular Certifications Programme by means of Off-Campus Centers
SS International University provides you the opportunity to earn accredited certification on the basis of what you already know. Keep reading to learn more about this special Programme.
Is this Programme for You?
Yes , if you are one of those individuals who are unable to continue their Regular Studies , but do not possess Certifications in the desired Field .
Just Go in For Online Programme .
( For example: marketing, sales, accounting, management, etc) you can apply for any of our Certifications Programmes ( Bachelor’s , Master’s , Doctorate , Associate , or High School )
SS International University provides you the opportunity to earn accredited certification on the basis of what you already know. Keep reading to learn more about this special Programme.
What Does Regular Certifications by means of Off-Campus Centers Mean ?
Regular certification Programme by means of Off-Campus Centers includes all of these areas:
Prior job Experience in any field .
Previous Educational achievements
Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops
Participation in organizations, both professional and nonprofessional
Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies, and travel
Participation in volunteer activities and community service
Independent reading, viewing, listening or writing
Does that qualify you for a certification based on your prior work / attend Regular certification Programme by means of Off-Campus Centers ?
(100% refund if your application is not accepted for admission.)
Why Choose SS International University For Your certification Programme?
Fully Accreditation
SS International University is one of the few Universities in India & which has international and National . accreditation status. This accreditation/memberships ensures SS International University certification are accepted worldwide.
Our accreditation/memberships comes from the International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities (IAAOU)
Certifications available in all fields of study At SS International University, certification Programme are available in almost every field!!!
Indeed, SS Internationalguarantees your desired field of study will be in our Programme. If it isn’t, we will not only include it for you, but will also hire an evaluation faculty for it! (SS International has been acknowledged by the educational committee for offering the greatest number of majors of any on-line university in 2002.)
Have your life-experience evaluated by the expert evaluation faculty at SS International
SS International University has one of the largest and most qualified evaluation faculties in the field of on-line/distance education. Our faculty has the requisite field experience in our many majors , thus enabling us to provide certifications in a very short span of time –
This is the shortest recorded time to get an ACCREDITED life-experience certification.
The certification Programme  and documents awarded by SS International University DO NOT use the words “Online”, " distance Education "Regular Certifications by means of Off-Campus Centers , Your certification will be just like any traditional degree. Furthermore, unlike other universities, SS Internationalactually awards you scores for the subjects that fall under your field of study on your transcript. This makes sure your certification looks just like any other traditional certification.
No Other University Provides:
Award of Excellence
Certificate of Membership
Certificate of Distinction

Your employer’s impression is further enhanced by the documents provided by SS International University along with your certification. Though it’s a fact that 99% of on-line universities do not offer any document except for the degree, SS International University not only provides a Regular Certifications by means of Off-Campus Centers certification , but also substantiates it with key documents. All these documents are inclusive of the degree package and are totally FREE.
Full-Fledged Education Verification
98.5% of employers turn down potential job applicants because of the inability of the applicants to provide substantial education verification. India alone, 20% of all employers want verification of educational documents provided by the employee from the registrar’s office of the university which issued them.
Only SS International University offers a full-fledged and rapid system of education verification,by way of online results enabling you to provide your employers or educational institutes swift education verification. Any certification package you earn at our site contains 4 An education verification letter along with online result which you can submit as per your requirement. If your employer or the institute where you’re applying requires documents be sent directly to them, we can do so upon a request from you. Unlike other universities, SS Internationalverifies documents within 15 days and sends them in the form of an e-mail or fax or via postal mail from the registrar’s office of SS International University to the employer or educational institute requesting them. ( E-mail verification is totally free, while fax and postal mail services are available at a very nominal cost plus online result.)
If you require additional copies of the education verification letter, you may place request on our on-line contact us form.
SS International University’s
Certifications are acknowledged worldwide!

Since SS International University’s certificates are accepted and acknowledged worldwide, you can apply for them from anywhere in the world and utilize them to enhance your personal and career goals.
Return on Investment

These accredited certification Programme are going to help you secure a better future for yourself. You can expect a return on investment in terms of promotions and better career prospects.
Extended Admission Date
If you have not requested for admission yet, don’t postpone it any longer. You can apply any time and get your admission.
No Obligation
Applying for an admission at SS Internationalis quick, easy, and obligation free. Apply now via online application form and be prepared to get a certification Programme.
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